Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jawani Mix.....

On August 8th, Team Terra finally clinched the Altus trophy after having lost it by a whisker on the past two occasions. This was one of my happiest moments at my present company, as my team won (finally!) before I leave. For the uninitiated, Altus is the umbrella under which a series of cultural events are organized over a period of 6-8 months at my present company . All employees are randomly distributed such that they belong to one of the six teams (Aqua, Terra, Lamina, Ventus, Ignis, Itis) which compete for the coveted Altus trophy!

This years Altus concluded with the Music Video Competition. Entertainment and masala being team Terra's forte, we decided to take some cues from the recently released Dasavatharam where Kamal Hassan performed 10 roles. The only catch- given the time and technical constraints at office we could handle only 4.

Our video was titled Jawani Mix (as the blog suggests) and can be viewed here!

Statutory warning: Some might find the video vulgar and senseless! Just like most Govinda movies, please don't apply logic- it will spoil the fun ;-)