Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 35 things I miss about you.....Bengaluru

It has been more than a month since I shifted to Mumbai and my schedule has been totally crazy over this period. I owe this craziness greatly to two factors. First, the entire "Change Management" thing associated with any move and second, to my childhood habit of not managing my time very well.

However, this blog is not meant to discuss any of the above. Below, are a few things which I really really miss about the city (and its people) I have been in love with for nearly three years- Namma Bengaluru.

  • Zipping through town on my KA-51H-8497 with M for company
  • Being always prepared to pick up a fight with the Auto-Waalas
  • The awesome food cooked by Ramesh Ji (my cook)
  • BTM layout
  • Watching movies on a high with Raaja at PVR- with both of us wearing dark sunglasses
  • Ankur and mine "Kaa Dealing?" greetings
  • Tiger's "Budgeddddddddd" right in front of Mc' donalds
  • My bakchodis with Baizzy which only both of us could comprehend
  • The natkhat KK
  • "Just Live life...Kingsize" naarabaazi with Thakur and Preeti
  • Working with a team of really wonderful people in the Platform team
  • Vivek calling me the "Information Superhighway"
  • The prestigious backend teams "Together we can and we will...." motto
  • Pulling Cheeku's leg day in and day out
  • Singing "Barsaat ke mausam main..tanhai ke aalam main" with Rahul Sharma
  • Hitting Charsi's bachelor pad at odd hours, after all the parties were over
  • The Kairali lunch marathons with Anish and Vinay
  • Our TERRA gang- The masti, the enthu, the fighter spirit, the parties.........
  • Soumya's (Medamm's) ability to understand me so well despite all my idiosyncrasies
  • Rajesh's smile and silence
  • Sharing all my Altus sentiments with Yedi, who always understood
  • Making fun of chaks with Raghu Daa and being christened "Priyaks"
  • That special bond with Neekhara sahab and our sessions in Aranya
  • Ravi Singh's "enthu"
  • Poo's bindaaas attitude
  • Being the most active "passive smoker" at Sterling
  • Weekend getaways of the ISM gang, which always resulted in some mishap
  • Firangi Paani
  • Madan Pub
  • Utsav
  • Eating some awesome food at Empire and Paramount at wee hours of the morning
  • The numerous mutton sessions at my house
  • The first two wonderful months of married life
  • Varun's (Sadana) wierd fundaa of not drinking for 6 months of the year (though doping was allowed)
  • The amazing bunch of genuine human beings at Sterling Commerce

Disclaimer: The list above is totally random and not in any order of importance!! :)