Monday, February 09, 2009

Poker Faced

Its only now, that I understand, the logic behind this commonly used term.

Last thursday, friends were home and one of them happened to be a good poker player. Upon his insistence, all of us decided to try our hand at Texas hold'em poker. After about 20 mins of real time poker lessons, we were all set to begin. Infact I was extremely excited because apart from a few technical differences, I found the game to be extremely similar to our very own teen-patti.

Since we didn't have poker chips, we decided to bet on paper and then settle the dues (which eventually never got settled!) . But our friend (the Poker champ) seemed to be offended by the fact that we were not using chips- in Poker world, you either use chips or just don't play! Somehow, we managed to convince him and so began our round (or shall I say multiple rounds) of Poker.

And apart from learning how to play poker, I was exposed to some Poker terminology. Flop, turn, river, fold, burn, call, raise, check...

End result: I lost rupees 140, we ended up playing till nearly 2 AM on a Thursday night, and I realized that from next time onwards, I better learn to keep a poker face if I intend to win some moolah in poker!!