Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whats goin' on...?

...well the last couple of months have been eventful, crazy, happy, sad and "LAZZY". My wife tells me that I used to be much more enthusiastic and proactive in college! And I know that she is right. But more on this, some other time.

Now since I haven't blogged in 2 months, I thought it would be a good idea to scribble down some of the happenings in my life during this period. So without wasting more words- here I go!

  • Morning aarti at Sidhi Vinayak and visit to Haji Ali, with Sushant, at the wee hours of the morning after a night of wild revelery ;)
  • Blast at Avlesh's wedding with Maadoo, Raaja, Arun and was so refreshing to meet Sanjiv Ranjan (IITian!) after a long time- as expected, his hospitality floored me
  • Impressive (huh?) gyaan imparted by Arun, Maadoo and me to JEE aspirants at Sanjiv's coaching institution in Patna!!
  • Wonderful hospitality of Kevin on christmas eve, and...........
  • ....most importantly Varun and my "Gravity" (undifferent attitude!!), when we met Carol Gracias
  • My wife's visit- blissssss..............
  • My little sisters engagement- happiness and satisfaction
  • New years eve with Kevin, Varun, Greg, Rabeeya and my sweetheart! A night to remember
  • M's trip back to the US- heart crunching :(
  • My little bro's good performance in MBA entrance exams- a sweet reward for all his hardwork
  • Baba's Hibernation....
  • Balan and Raaja's visit to Mumbai- Had a great time guys!!
  • Bhavanjay's awesome new look and mindblowing dance moves in Blue Frog
  • Balan's 15x optical zoom SLR put to full use at Blue Frog!! I loove those hooott pics ;)
  • Fabulous (road + ferry) trip to Alibaug with Madoo, Raaja, Bhavanjay and Balan
  • The perinially refreshing heart to heart with Balan in Hiranandani
  • Wait for Nadal's win tomorrow against Federer in the Australian open- Tiger and Kevin are sure gonnna crrrry!!!

So this is a snapshot of what has been going on in my life lately. Till we meet again- shubhraatri, shabba khair!