Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rang De Basanti
After a long long time,I had the opportunity of seeing two great movies back to back.Friday night we feasted on Zinda and saturday we devoured Rang De Basanti......man was it awesome!!It gave me a kick which no amount of boozing has ever given and made me ponder that as the youth of this country, is making moolah the only thing I should be bothered about??Or do I have a greater purpose.....
But as it always happens, I knew that as soon as I leave the theatre and move towards my abode, adrenalin will rush in my blood like a storm in the sea. Enroute home I will fantasise all sorts of things.See myself as a leader,a social worker a revolutionist who will change the face of this nation.And then....as I will doze off in my comfy bed and wake up in the morning....eureka!!! Control-Alt-Delete.....sab gaayab!!As if yesterday was a dream.....all the thoughts that are conjuring up in my mind will be lost....everything I want to become ,all that I want to do for my nation will just fade away and reside somewhere in the pool of thoughts in mind.
Just waiting for another Rang De Basanti to bring back those thoughts to the surface and then ofcourse send them back to the deep dungeons of my thought......afterall,like most Indians I believe in thoughts and not action...

Monday, January 09, 2006

After having finally settled down in Bangalore(I came here on the 26th of Dec),this weekend I was free for the first time.The cook in me was screaming on top of his voice and so I decided to try my hands at cooking.Carnivorous as I am,it was chicken I decided to cook.
It was 4 P.M and we had just finished or I should say half finished watching Bluffmaster(the 2nd CD was not working).Bhavanjay and I set out to Food World to buy all the stuff needed for yesterdays food extravaganza.
After having bought all the tel-masaala.Bhavanjay moved back to the flat for some onion and bhindi chopping.Yes,there was a slight change in Menu,I love bhindi and so decided to cook some bhindi bhujia also.In the meanwhile I rushed to the chicken shop and bought some freshly cut chicken.
KK and Vivek were also to join us for the gala event so I had to wind up before they were home.Bhavanjay was done with the chopping by the time I reached.So I took of my shirt(I like cooking in my ganjee) and started the chicken marination.Ginger garlic paste,chopped onions,namak,haldi,lal mirch,chicken masala and some sarso tel...all these were mixed with the chicken and left for half an hour.Then me chadhaing the pan on the stove and cooked the chicken till it was tender and all set to eat.The bhindi bhujia hardly took 10 minutes.
KK and Vivek had already got 6 plates of rice for 4 of us(we were very hungry!!).As soon as the bhindi was ready we all just gorged on the food..........god it was awesome........
Don't believe me?????Just send a mail to bhav,KK or Vivek..they will second me....

Thursday, January 05, 2006

How Good am I??
I donno this happens only to me or with everyone???But neways I will go ahead.Either I doubt myself too much or I have not been stimulated enough.
I have never realised my capabilities.I have never known how much potential I have.Now this causes a lot of unrest in my mind.Can I do this??Will I be able to this??Am I as good as him/her??
Finally when the job is done..its like ,it was not that difficult after all.But then why on earth I wasted so much energy on bothering????
I strongly feel that its the atmosphere and people around you that stimulate you .You need to be challenged enough to get out the best in you.And you need to be strong and determined enough to look for those challenges.Most of the time we dont try hard enough to reach our potential.
Why don't we try hard???Well its pretty simple....fear..fear of failure.What will people say....does it matter???What the f***,I am just wasting the one life I had,wasting it without taking a shot at it.