Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2

Yesterday was really hectic. I think I am having a great time here. Time is flying.....Its 9 in the morning and I am sitting in the Stratton student centre (while M is away attending class!) making the most of the comfortable sofas and the free wifi connection!

Its a wonderful feeling watching students, professors and staff - each lost in their own world- walking around, having a quick bite to eat, a hot coffee to drink, grabbing a warm donut to relish.

A quick recap of the last 36 hours:


1) It was a rainy day and the weather was extremely chilly! Nearly 3 degrees C. Went out to the Harvard square and enjoyed a LONG lunch at Fire and Ice

2) It was dark (and still raining) by the time we came out and jet lag was gradually setting in. Reached home at around 6:30 PM and just crashed. Woke up on Sunday at 6 AM :D


1) Went on my jog. This time across the Harvard bridge, running against the strong chilly winds which made the run tougher but more exciting!

2) Left home at around 8 to meet a senior from my college. Spent the entire day at his house, eating, drinking, chatting and playing with his cute son!!

3) It was 9 by the time we reached home and there was not an inch of place in the stomach to have dinner. Watched Roadies (on the Internet) and slept.

Another day awaits today...lots to do...too less time. Lets see how it goes. Till tomorrow..Ciaos!


Anonymous said...

haan bhai, 2 din ho gaya boston main .. kaafi macha key rakha hua hai.. lekin apni Mrs sey miley ho ki nahi??? Blog main toh aisa kuchh nahi likha hai ;-)


jitendra said...

ee daudna kab se shuru ho gayo? ya fir aate hi ekdam ketaa gayo? :o

Matiaoo said...

@ Sush bhai: Mrs busy insaan hain...humaara kya hai...hum bas apna MITpati kaa farz nibha rahe hain..unko disturb naa karke :)

@Jha Baba: Daudte to bahut pehle se hain....apne dess main treadmill pe daudte hain..aapke dess main road pe..bas itna hee farak hai :D