Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 3 & 4

I know. I skipped a day in between. Friends have been hurling abuses- reminding me of my neta like ways of not sticking to a promise (of blogging every single day during my vacation). So without making lame excuses, I move on.

The last two days have been amazing. And if I have to pick one fabulous experience which stands out amongst the many, it definitely would be my visit to the Harvard University and the Harvard Business School.

The highlights from Monday and Tuesday:


1) A tour of the MIT campus, its so huge and spread out. You walk..walk...and walk.....till your legs hurt..and then realize that you haven't even covered 1/4th! But the sights, sounds and aura of the place just take you over.

2) A visit to the Boston Harbour (which happens to be one of the most romantic places I have ever been to!!) in the evening and dinner at one of the most renowned restaurants in Boston- Legal Sea Foods.


1) I walked up to the Harvard square, and took a left on JFK street to be enthralled by the beauty of the Harvard undergrad campus. On the other side of the Charles River, right across the Anderson bridge lies the sprawling campus of the mecca (arguably :P ) of business education- Harvard Business School. Everything, right from its beautiful campus, to its friendly (this was a surprise as I was expecting a lot of snobbery) students simply put me in awe. Bottomline- I LoVeD it!

2) During the day, I got acquainted with a German guy who was travelling alone in Boston. Seemed pretty lonely. So much to the dismay of M, I invited him for a dinner with us :) We had a lovely American dinner at Cambridge Brewing Company along with a few glasses of locally brewn beer. My German friend seemed pretty happy, I was thrilled, and M didn't seem to mind much - end to a puurfect day!

Travelling tomorrow to New Haven. More later....


sou said...

"I think I am having a great time here."

dude.. kya think sounds like you are really enjoying every waking moment! :)

keep it going..

Matiaoo said...

Yes I AM..Maaaaddddam! Thanks for reminding me :)