Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 5-11

Time is flying by...and it has already been 11 days in the US for me. 3 more to go :( And what a trip it has been. I know it will be a while before I meet M again, but then there are so many sweet memories to take back from the visit. 10 months of separation are over, the remaining 8 will quickly pass.

So what have I been up to in the past week? A lot. Which includes staying away from the Internet for days at a stretch- which is quite uncommon (and difficult) for me.

Some quick highlights from the past week:


1) Lazed around at home spending some quality time with M
2) Prepared some shrimp and Rajma for a friend we had invited over for dinner


1) Trip to the beautiful town of New Haven, which also happens to be the home of one of the most prestigious universities of the world- Yale


1) Roamed around Boston downtown, visiting the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Prudential center etc etc
2) Went clubbing to celebrate the victory of a friend who got elected as the President of MIT' s student body


1) The D day- My first wedding anniversary!
2) Had lunch with the family of my manager from my previous job- brought back all the sweet memories of SC and its wonderful people
3) Dinner with M at the Cheese Cake Factory to celebrate one year of togetherness and marital bliss


1) Headed to New York City early in the morning
2) Travelled..Travelled...Travelled the whole day, exploring this wonderful city full of energy and diversity with so many different colours and flavours
3) Key highlights: 3 hour cruise across Manhattan island, times square, statue of liberty, empire state building, little Italy, central park south, 5th avenue, Harlem, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, NY skyline from Brooklyn...
4) Stop over for the night at my Dad's friends residence in Hicksville ( a suburb which takes an hour by train to reach)


1) More of New York (but the weather was really bad as it was raining most of the time!)
2) Key highlights: Lunch at china town, NYSE, holding the balls of the wall street bull!, UN headquarters, Rockefeller centre...
3) The bus back to Boston in the evening


1) Visit of a dear friend who came all the way from the west coast- sweet, isn't it?
2) A very heavy (and delicious!) home cooked lunch (prepared by M) with him - Burrrrp!
3) Dinner at Mela with my friend and his other friends
4) Ready to sleep after I complete this blog ;-)

This is about it for now. More later...

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